A New Home Management Chart to Help Busy Ladies Get 'Caught Up' Fast!

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A New Home Management Chart to Help Busy Ladies Get 'Caught Up' Fast!

 I don't know about you, but I always feel like I'm juggling so many areas at the same time that it's hard to feel like I'm ever 'caught up'.

Supposedly I was 'retired' at least from homeschooling and child-rearing. Umm.. not quite! My daughter said she knew she shouldn't have worried what I was going to do when they all 'grew up'.  I know I wasn't confused about that. Haha! She is impressed with all the fun stuff I have going.

The fact is that I do have more time but I'm still feeding a hubby and two big college boys. "What's for Dinner, Mom?" is normally the burning question on everybody's mind.

Sewing for grandkids, gardening, beekeeping, quilting projects, home repairs, house-cleaning, errands, blogging, bible study, and bills all beg for attention. The fact that I'm also running gardens, chickens and bees for a ministry an hour away just adds to the need for a good plan!

I'm also the Media Director for  Montgomery County Right to Life , so sometimes life can get downright crazy!

My Dear Hubby also mentioned this week that he hoped I could start decluttering/Ebaying to help streamline our storage and bring in a little cash as we'd planned. We have an extra bit of debt (partly due to installing a septic line to the apartment on our land) and want to tackle it the Dave Ramsey way--put every dollar you can earn or save towards it!  We love his approach to getting debt free!

So to help me manage all the varied pursuits in my day, I made a little chart which you can open here and edit if you like.

The idea is to list all the areas you manage in a day on the left and then fill in the highest priority tasks over the course of the next week.

The result is that on any given day you do the highest priority task in each area on your that particular day of the week.  In only one day, your stress level will drop considerably!

Here's what my list for today looked like. You can see that I have tasks related to sewing, the garden, house cleaning, devotions, chickens/bees, blogging, my website management work, cooking, deskwork, finances etc. By the time I was finished, I felt like a new woman!

If Procrastination is a problem for you..

Now there is one little catch. If you're struggling with self-discipline and it's hard to get things done once they are on a list, you might want to read a blog post I wrote about procrastination.

One of the most transforming things I've learned during my two year 'bloggy break' is that procrastination is simply a fear of the unknown or even (yipes!) a bit of good old fashioned laziness.

When I started spending every morning--waaay before the family got up or the phone started ringing--with the Lord, getting my needs met or getting 'happy in the Lord" as George Mueller calls it,  I found  that I really started to grow in this area. I found the strength to quit giving into the temptation to put things off.

What a joy it is now to be able to make myself 'do what I don't want to do".

I do hope this method helps you get some of those monkeys off your back. I feel like it's incredibly efficient. Even if you didn't get it all done in one day, you'd still be taking a more balanced approach to getting caught up.

My old method of just spending the day cleaning, baking, sewing, or gardening, tended to leave a lot of things hanging over my head.  This new approach really seems to help me!

Happy Homemaking!


Trudy said...

It is appears that you even busier than when you were homeschooling. I wish I had your energy and drive. I never even come close to getting my list done. I will read your procrastination post next to see if I can improve in that area.

Donna said...

Trudy you are right in a way, but to be fair, I really am a 'type A' sort of person who loves the satisfaction of getting things done. I have family members who have a much harder time with 'lists' because it isn't a natural drive. That being said, I used to procrastinate terribly because if I didn't especially 'like' the project or got tired of it, I'd get overwhelmed and put it off indefinitely. I understand that it's hard. You might want to try a shorter list. <3 Love you friend!

Maria Killam said...

Sweet Donna, how lovely to see your new site (I cringe when I look at my old site every, single, day, I need a new site ASAP).
You are so inspiring, I love your blog!

Needled Mom said...

I am always amazed at how busy life is with the children raised. Being organized is the key to everything.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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