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Harvest Time! Where Was That Zucchini Hiding All This Time?

My first zucchini--oops! A little overgrown...
I guess it's understandable that I didn't find this 1.15 lb zucchini considering how big my zucchini plants are! 

I've been busy hunting for the deadly cutter bugs that have killed two of these plants and spreading diatomaceous earth all around.

Today's picking of Bush Beans
And I never saw these green beans! Almost a pound and ready to steam or roast for supper tonight! I'm so excited!

Cherry Tomatos
These cherry tomatoes are already starting to ripen!

Big Boy Beefy Tomatoes
I'm just going to have to be patient a wee bit more with these tomatoes. I added some mulch/compost around them this week so they develop roots further up the stem. The cutter worms ate two of them right off at the base. I have them soaking in a five gallon bucket. I do hope they survive.

Baby Bell Peppers
These are Bell Peppers and I can't wait for them to 'fatten up'. I planted five more newer plants so altogether I have ten. I adore bell peppers and I want to donate some to the New Life garden since they can't grow them in their shady garden.

I've been so busy mulching, wrapping, fertilizing, treating for pests with diatomaceous earth, and weeding, that I didn't realize harvest time was already upon us!

How's your garden doing? Have you had any pest troubles? I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Homemaking!

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