Show & Tell Spring Dress at My Romantic Home

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Show & Tell Spring Dress at My Romantic Home

I have recently discovered a really beautiful homemaking blog called My Romantic Home which hosts a Show and Tell on Fridays. It's a big event where you can see lots of beautiful things and as part of the event I would like to post my Show and Tell item. I made this dress and helped one of my very first and youngest sewing pupils, Katie, make a dress just like it. Her mother, Beverly, wanted the girls to make matching bonnets too. They looked so sweet in these.

Beverly is on my homemaking blog roll...Frontier Farms. I'm so glad she wanted me to do this, because I think this is one of the sweetest dresses I've ever made and I learned how to use Yo-Yo's to make flowers. That set me off on a hobby that I've never quite recovered from..using Yo-Yo flowers for embellishing. You can read about it here. Yo-Yo Flower Tutorial.

If you would like some more pretty things to look at this week, check out My Romantic Home's Friday Show and Tell!


Beautifully Veiled said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!! I just started making yo-yo's a few months ago. Where have they been all my life??? I am really enjoying your blog, getting inspired, may even finally use my ruffler attachment now after all these years of sewing....what is wrong with me??? I keep finding everything and anything else to do besides that. I MUST conquer this!! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!


Room for More said...

My mother did lots of yo-yos. She sewed all of our dresses as toddlers with yo yo designs. What warm memories this brought back!
This is a very sweet dress! Now, back to posting all those garage sale finds on ebay! whew! ; )

antmee said...

Your dress is absolutely adorable! Makes me wish my daughter was still a little girl.

Olivia said...

Oh my this is simply the sweetest little dress ever!! if you have a chance stop by I am giving away a free pretty teapot
Hugs, Hugs, Hugs,

My Diabetic Sweet Life said...

Hi Donna, is this the right place to join to getting thin together thing? Deb said to look in her sidebar and follow the link - which seems to lead me here LOL. My email is on my blog menu bar :)


Lorraine said...

really love that little dress and the sweet little flowers..thanks for commenting on my first poem..would love to see some of your poems

Maria Killam said...

Love that dress it's adorable, you are such a talent!

Kerrie said...

Love that little dress!

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