Spray Paint…the Quicker Fixer Upper!

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Spray Paint…the Quicker Fixer Upper!

 Am I  a ‘perfectionist’ because I can’t stand the look of a tacky tissue box if it’s color doesn’t match the color of the room it is in? I don’t know…but it drives me crazy! I just can’t stand it!!! I’m forever trying to hide the tissue boxes in our house.  Unless you go shopping for just the right color, you end up with some color or design that just doesn’t ‘go’ at all. Poor Tim, he’s always asking, “Honey, Where’s the tissue box?”  Ummm….in the cabinet, under the coffee table, in the fridge…I don’t know!
Quick fix for a Tacky Tissue Box 001 Somehow, crocheting granny covers for them just doesn’t do it for me. Neither does buying a nice wooden case to put over the top. Been there..done that...  Then you’ve gotta remember exactly what size and shape that box was...yeah right. What if the other size is on sale??!!  Do you spend more just to have the right color and shape? 
After literally YEARS of driving myself and hubby crazy, I have FOUND A SOLUTION!!! 
 Spray paint the box!! Duh..
Quick fix for a Tacky Tissue Box 002
Yes, IT WORKS!  You don’t have to cover the whole thing, just camouflage the design in the color of your choice. It took only a few seconds of spray paint…pennies worth ... to spruce up my tissue box for the living room. I asked hubby if he noticed anything unusual. He, of course, did not notice anything at all. (Typical male eyesight.) He finally did notice the ‘nice’ tissue box but didn’t want to fuss about the expense.  Little did he know! He was amazed when I told him what I’d done. He had to get a good close look at it.  Success! antiques, appliances, day in the country 055
If you are any kind of do it yourself-er…surely you have a smorgasbord of spray paint cans!  I’ve painted all kinds of stuff around the house from frames, the base to lamps, appliances, knobs, grills to outdoor furniture, etc. You name it…I’ve painted it.  I buy stuff on Craig’s List all the time, and if it has a scuffed up surface..I just paint it.  If something is shiny and I want it bronze, like my friend Laurie, I paint it!  If the frame doesn’t match the other one, make it match!

Haven’t you ever read the bible verse…
Spray paint covers a multitude of sins...
(Oops..guess that one’s not in there..Tee-hee!)  Well, it is a fact that it can cover a lot of mistakes, blemishes etc on just about anything!
lawn chair Spray paint is a frugal home decorator’s best friend! There are fantastic paints out there worth every penny!  My favorite ones our  Natural Wood, Bronze Textured, Metallic Gold, and White Appliance.  These will fix just about anything in the house!  These are the most expensive types of paint too, but it beats throwing out perfectly usable matching lamps because one of the bases rusted out and it sure beats buying something new because the cover of the grill is faded from too much sun. 
I love to have that 'new' look…but I don’t want to pay for it!
Ok…so let me hear your stories!! Have you ever ‘horror of horrors!’ SPRAY PAINTED something instead of throwing it out?


Trudy said...

Great idea! I never thought about spray painting things.

Donna said...

It's funny Trudy, but I try not to mention these things too much in public. What my guests don't know won't hurt them..Ha!

Beautifully Veiled said...

Donna, I spray paint EVERYTHING! And now I'll also spray paint my tissue boxes. (ok, I just thought I spray painted everything) My son was 3 yrs old and went with my husband to pick up some iron chairs for me. "Some more of mama's junk!", He exclaimed. Yes, I love my junk!!! They know me by my junk!!!
Loved this post!

Breathing In Grace said...

You and Jess need to compare notes...she's a queen of spray paint, too!!

Room for More said...

Rhea LOVES spray paint. I never messed with the stuff until I met him. He can do so much with it, though tissue boxes, I bet he never thought of. I do KWYM about them not coordinating. Really, I wonder, just WHOSE homes do those boxes match anyway??

Room for More said...

p.s. thank you for the sweet comment on our home. There is always something to work on though isn't there?

Rae said...

Yes...it's wonderful. When I was working, I always had a can on hand.
I've been spraying for years!!!! Sounds like a club! hehe.
Great post Donna, Thanks.

meg said...

I spray paint a lot; at least one item in each show I costume is touched by the spray. I spray painted my old refrigerator when the rust started to pop up and it wasn't time for a new one yet. Just this week I painted a thrift store patio table to make it a new base for a glass table top. I'm planning a special project tomorrow that will involve spray paint. But I don't think I will ever do a tissue box just to make it match the decor!

Hills N Valleys said...

SPRAY PAINT. I have just never thought of it! it works on a grill cover? hmmm how about a faded deck umbrella...or would that need fabric paint. look out house/yard...here I come!

Donna said...

That's a good question...actually. I will be recovering my patio furniture, but I'm not at all sure about an umbrella cover.

If it was me, I'd save a 40% off coupon and buy parachute cloth at Hancocks...In fact, I'd buy two colors and use my copy store-bought clothes method to make a pattern.

Now that's a great idea! Hmmm...

Dana Leeds said...

What a neat idea! I love how the tissue box turned out.

antmee said...

Yes I spray paint. We made our son some footy goal posts and I always am respraying them white when they rust. Picture frames are common to spray as I buy junk ones and spray them silver to go with the rest of my frames. My DH has spray painted his Monaro for a wedding so we all love paint in this family lol

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